Replacement Battery 4.5 AH

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Batteries Replacement Battery 4.5 AH <div class="ec_vec_partnumber-specifications">Part # LPI-PS640</div> <i class="fa fa-caret-right"></i>&nbsp;&nbsp;Voltage: 6V (3 cells) <i class="fa fa-caret-right"></i>&nbsp;&nbsp;Length: 2.76"; Width: 1.86"; Height: 3.94" <i class="fa fa-caret-right"></i>&nbsp;&nbsp;4.5 AH <i class="fa fa-caret-right"></i>&nbsp;&nbsp;Terminal: F1 <i class="fa fa-caret-right"></i>&nbsp;&nbsp;Unit Price: <span style="color: #e10707">$5.90 each</span> <div class="ec_vat_customform"><a href="/pdf_forms/PS-640 technical specifications.pdf" target="_blank">See Technical Specifications</a></div>

Replacement Battery 4.5 AH

Replacement Battery 4.5 AH

Replacement Battery 4.5 AH

Part # LPI-PS640

  Voltage: 6V (3 cells)
  Length: 2.76"; Width: 1.86"; Height: 3.94"
  4.5 AH
  Terminal: F1
  Unit Price: $5.90 each
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Part # LPI-PS640

Power Sonic Replacement Battery

  Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) technology for superior performance

  Valve regulated, maintenance free spill proof construction

  Power/volume ratio yielding excellent energy density

  Rugged vibration and impact resistant ABS case and cover

  Gas recombination technology

  5 year design life

  Approved for transport by air. D.O.T., I.A.T.A., F.A.A. and C.A.B. certified

  U.L. recognized

  ISO9001:2015 - Quality management systems

Part # LPI-PS640
L: 2.76"; W: 1.86"; H: 3.94"
$5.90 each
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